My Patriot Supply Review: Fruit Packs For Whole Nutrition

Recent catastrophic events, like Hurricane Harvey, have increased my passion about being prepared in the case of an emergency. I believe in the power of whole foods to deliver the nutrients that the human body needs, so I was very excited to find out that My Patriot Supply offers emergency preparedness food packs that are made with whole fruits and vegetables. The Fruit Case Pack Kit, in particular, is a favorite of mine. In this review I’ll tell you exactly what you get when you purchase the MPS Fruit Case Pack Kit, and I’ll explain why I think eating whole foods is better for the body than getting nutrients in vitamin form.

About The Product

The Fruit Case Pack Kit comes with 112 servings of freeze dried fruits, sealed into individual packets. Each packet contains blueberries, strawberries, or bananas. I was impressed with the choice of fruits, first of all, because I berries are known for being nutrient dense, and bananas are packed with potassium, which muscles need in order to work effectively. If you’ve ever suffered from a calf-cramp after running, you know what it feels like when your body is potassium deficient.

In the event of an emergency, I feel that I will likely be performing lots of physical activity. Natural disaster, which as I said have been on my mind recently, require that people dig, climb, escape, and in general move a great deal. The fruit choices in the MPS kit reflect my own personal goals of feeding my body the correct nutrients so that it is strong enough to keep up with intense physical demands.

Though I have left most of my fruit packs unopened, I did open one of each type of fruit so that I could sample what I would be eating when and if disaster strikes. The fruit is very rich in color, and is flavorful. I have put the berries on my morning cereal, and ate the banana’s plain. I was impressed by the quality. My Patriot Supply says that the fruit is non-GMO, and is sourced in the USA. The packets have a 25 year shelf life.

Why Whole Foods? 

Nutritionists have found that our bodies are designed to absorb nutrients in specific ways. I believe that when you eat a whole food, you get an entire package of nutrients that you body can work well with. The different nutrients in the food work together to help you body get what it needs from the molecules that make up the food. Fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. The body uses antioxidants to fight against free radicals. Vitamins help the body heal, and boost immunity. Fiber can help your body release any toxins that the antioxidants and vitamins have helped to release into the liver.

In the case of an emergency, I want to give my body the most help that I possibly can. Tools like the fruit pack could help someone ward off disease or illness, and eliminate toxins. It is important to think about what obstacles we may face in the future, though it can be unpleasant. All types of emergency situations come with the threat of exposure to hazardous materials, including possible infectious agents. I think that it is important to keep eating nutrient dense foods if I face an emergency scenario. I have always treated food as medicine, and in the case of an emergency, my outlook would not change.

I am very impressed with the MPS Fruit Case Pack Kit. I feel better knowing that I have added it to my emergency preparedness kit. I think that this is a great product for anyone who believes in the power of food to help the body survive, heal, and have energy in times of stress. This product could also work for someone who is interested in adding more whole foods to their diet, but has a hard time keeping fresh produce on hand.