Slaske Builders

As a writer who has been published across a variety of genres and mediums, Ralph Slaske decided to create a publishing platform all his own, naming it Slaske Builders. In choosing this name for his publishing company, Mr. Slaske considered the nature of his writing process as it applied to his journalism, his fiction and his non-fiction efforts. Trying to identify an overarching theme among these varied forms of writing, Mr. Slaske felt that his process reminded him most of the process involved in construction.

In writing, as in construction, everything begins with the genesis of an idea and is then followed by a planning and incubation period in which the idea becomes fully developed. With a plan in place, construction can begin, but there is always some unforeseen circumstance or realization that changes the final product for the better. Realizing the many similarities between construction and his own writing process, Mr. Slaske decided to reference these parallels in choosing the name for his publishing company.

Since its founding, Slaske Builders has lived up to its moniker as it was originally conceived, but it has since become clear that the metaphor extends even further than Mr. Slaske initially intended. There are many people who contribute to making a piece of writing as strong as it can be, with editors, writing groups, proofreaders and colleagues all playing an important role in the process that begins with a first draft and ends with a fully developed piece suitable for publication.

The same is true of the construction process, with clients, contractors, sub-contractors and laborers all playing a role in taking a construction plan and bringing it to life in stages that begin with the pouring of the foundation and the building of a frame and end with a focus on all the minor details that give the home its identity. Bringing it all together in the end is the required presence of an audience: A published work must be read and enjoyed for it to have life, just as a house has to have someone living under its roof in order for it to truly be a home.

Slaske Builders was therefore founded on the premise that it is the responsibility of a publishing company to assist every author in creating a piece of written work that has a strong foundation and is attentive to every last detail, as these efforts ensure that the final work will be given the gift of life through the attention of an appreciative audience.