Ian Leaf-Andrews on HFC, Tax, Clothing Scams and Fraudsters in his new Book

Here is a quick excerpt from Mary Cassidy,

“Starting a HFC Business at Home” by Ian Leaf is a quick, 50-paged book that gives the reader a solid overview of the current fashion industry climate. Leaf explains the horror of yesteryear and the almost impossible ability of braking into the world of fashion and leaves the reader with a clear plan of what they do to make their mark.

Ian Leaf's HFC, Tax Fraud, Scam Tips and More!

Ian Leaf’s HFC, Tax Fraud, Scam Tips and More!

This book has been a fun and quick book to read. The chapters are as follows with my notes next to them.

  1. HFC – High Fashion Clothing – What is HFC?
  2. Funding Your Own Home Fashion Business – Where to get money to start a clothing business.
  3. What HFC Fads to Bank On – also, how to avoid quickly dying fads that large corporations know how to avoid.
  4. How to Leaf Through the City’s Red Tape – Government bureaucracy
  5. Should the Government Tax Art and Fashion? – Ian Leaf tax opinions.
  6. How to Avoid HFC Scams – A General Primer – Scams and fraud, what to do to avoid them.
  7. Vivier Shoe Fraudsters – An Example – Great example by Ian Leaf, fraudster attacks Vivier and they survive!

I really enjoyed this quick book, here are a couple other links for more info. The first is the Amazon page where you can buy Ian Leaf’s Starting a HFC Business at Home. Here is a review from Sebastian Hirsch on Ian Leaf’s new book. This is Ian Leaf and Ian Andrews talking about the HFC book. Last one is Sherry with a great review as well.

UPDATE: I wanted to also share a link to the authors, Ian Leaf and Ian Andrews on their Amazon biography page.