Arturo Alvarez-Demalde

Arturo Alvarez-DemaldeArturo Alvarez-Demalde was recently interviewed by Mario at IdeaMensch. Arturo Alvarez-Demalde’s interview can be summed up by saying, if you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out!

Alvarez-Demalde begins by talking about his childhood. Where he is from, what he has been through and who he knows. After his childhood, he starts talking about one of his passions, fresh food. It might seem strange but Arturo loves fresh produce! Talking about his high bush blueberries is a mouth-watering treat. His newly planted vineyard of Thompson seedless grapes will surely set the table for the final course, a dozen hens laying fresh eggs daily.

Arturo Alvarez DemaldeWhen talking about these various enjoyable endeavors he repeats that these are not about money but about the enjoyment he gets walking in the cool of the vineyard, watching the chickens come running when he takes them food each day and picking fresh blueberries in the heat of the summer. He talks about freezing blueberries in a 0 degree freezer so he will have fresh-frozen blueberries all year that don’t have to be imported from another country.

Arturo Alvarez-Demalde is clearly a man who has many talents but also many passions. At his current company, a brand management company, he has helped not only place them on the map, but point them in the right direction. Without his leadership, the company might not be around today!

Arturo Alvarez-Demalde is also a Harvard Business School Alumni!

Kimra Bettasso Interviewed by Inspirery

Kimra BettassoRenowned SEO expert Mike Munter recently interviewed Kimra Bettasso on his website Inspirery. In the interview Munter digs right in and asks the tough questions.

When asked about her success, Kimra Bettasso said,

I have always been committed to generating the best possible results for the clients I work with. I think the clients recognize that I am genuinely interested in securing their financial future, and this has helped to generate further interest in the services the company provides.
Interviews like this and others such as a recent interview by Sebastian Hirsch shows the true heart of Kimra and how she has a strong desire to help her clients.
Having a great set of interview questions is evident from both Munter and Hirsch as the both excel in their respective industries.
UPDATE: Here is a link to our first post about Kimra Bettasso on

Brand New Interview: Featuring Ralph Slaske

Right when I begin to think being asked into an interview with couldn’t be more exciting and I couldn’t be more honored, I am then asked in for yet another interview with! Words can’t begin to express my gratitude to the fine people at who have dedicated much of their time and their lives into, obviously, inspiring their readers. The people invited in for an interview are considered to be some of the most inspirational people having taken their struggles and turned them around into victories and wants to learn more about them.

As most people have asked for, I will tell my experience with and any questions I have received will be addressed. Where to begin? First of all, the interview process isn’t at all stressful and you don’t have to know how to ace a ton of nearly impossible questions. The questions are about you and what you have accomplished. They are interested in who you are and what you have done. Where asked me different questions dealing in different areas that were scattered around different topics, was very focused on me and my business, Slaske Building Company, which thankfully is a topic I know so much about!

As I have mentioned before, individuals who have done what others dream of, such as starting a business or even conquering poverty and homelessness and have a story of a victorious battle against the odds of this world are usually the ones calls into interview. While I didn’t have a super impressive story, I have a super impressive business that was started from the ground up and it showed everyone that if it is possible for me, it can be possible for you. This was good enough for the fine folks at

As for questions about the interview, the most interesting question I have received was, “What was your favorite question had to ask?” It was a simple answer. My favorite question was, “What is the most important lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?” The reason why this is my favorite question was because it asked me what I learned. When I would get in trouble as a child, I would be punished and near the end of the day, my dad would ask me, “What have you learned?” He knew that if I didn’t know, there would be a great chance that I would need to be disciplined again because I didn’t understand why I was punished and I never learned anything. In the same sense, the lessons I have learned as an entrepreneur serve as wisdom for anyone else. It is, to me, a high honor when asked what I have learned just as has asked. It tells me they are interested in my knowledge and they look up to me as a business professional.

About My Interview With

Just recently, I was featured on and honestly it’s an honor and a privilege to be interviewed.  When someone calls you to schedule an interview with you, no matter what the reason is, they are investing a large chunk of their time into you and asking for a chunk of yours. When you are asked for an interview, they are interested in picking your mind, learning about more of who you are, how you think and what you are all about. It is an honor indeed.

In my interview with, I was asked a great deal of questions ranging from my Slaske Building company to my experiences from the past. always holds the their interviews with poise and professionalism. The quality of questions asked from the interview team are always checked, double checked and filtered by what is important. I can guarantee that every question asked has a purpose behind it. For example, asked me what was the best $100 I have recently spend and why? You can get a decent idea of what type of person someone is by what they spend large amounts of money on and their motive behind that action. In my case, I love tools and gadgets that well help me do my job better, so I purchased the Wavetek Meterman 37XR multimeter which is a true RMS meter with an optical PC interface for electronics troubleshooting at the bench or job site. I spend to be productive.

After my interview, I’ve had multiple people ask what does it take to turn out a successful interview? One thing I can recommend that seems to work wonders for me is to be honest, be open and just tell the truth. They are interested in you, so why would you lie in the first place? Honesty has amazing returns and people will usually thank you graciously for being honest. Being open means to be open to answer whatever questions may come your way. You never really know what’s coming. If you don’t know the answer, don’t try to make something else and run the risk of looking foolish. This goes back to the trait of honesty. Tell the interviewer you do not know the answer and ask for another question. This is much better than making up an answer and spreading false information.

Prepare. Preparing for the interview not only gets yourself ready, it also tells the interviewer you value them and their time and time is the greatest commodity we have. This is why being asked into an interview is a great honor. When I prepared for the interview, I prepared my clothes, haircut and other qualities of my appearance. I also had a few questions for them as well, but those weren’t published on the site. This shows that I have genuine interest in them, just as they have in me. It’s respect and respect goes a long way.