Brandon Colker’s New Book, How to Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs

Brandon Colker BookAs a published author, I love to read. I’m sure that’s not surprising to most people. If you love to write you probably love to read. Brandon Colker is another one of those people like myself and it’s obvious in his writing.

Big Bucks from Big Blogs features the following chapters (with my notes as well).

  1. An Introduction to Passive Income Through Blogging – Blogging can give you not only more income, but time for what you love to do most. That’s why the focus on “passive” is so important. If you’re spending 10 hours a day you basically bought yourself a job.
  2. Outlining the Appropriate Use of Branding and Self- Promotion – Self promotion is very easy or very difficult depending on your temperament. If you’re outgoing and the life of the party it’s not going to be a problem. If you’re a wall flower (many writers are!) then this chapter will help you identify ways that you can brand yourself without appearing to be narcissistic.
  3. Identifying a Central Subject or Concept – What is your blog going to be about? This chapter helps figure out what your blog topic should relate to.
  4. Establishing Trust Through Expertise – The previous chapter helped identify a topic, that topic is hopefully something already in your wheelhouse and this chapter will give you the ability to relate your expertise and experience.
  5. Understanding the Importance of Consistency, Clarity and Quality – A consistent voice is very important for your readers. If they can’t relate to you and don’t feel a connection, they’re just a reader, not a follower or a fan.
  6. Building the Blog and Attracting an Audience – This is one of the most critical and difficult steps you’ll find with blogging. Now that you’ve written about a topic, how do you get people to come and read your writing? Colker will give you practical steps for building a readership that will share your content with their network.
  7. Passive Income Explained – Income is what makes your big blog worthwhile. You’ll read about how to create various passive income streams.
  8. When and How to Monetize (Passively!) – Most bloggers immediately put advertising all over their website and that’s not the best way to go about making money! When and how are two very important aspects of monetizing and (I won’t spoil it for you) Colker lays out a gameplan.
  9. Expanding Reach Through Additional Mediums – Social media, friends and other areas are all covered.
  10. Leveraging Expert Status to Generate Added Opportunities – This is my favorite chapter. After you become an expert the doors will be open to you. This will give you practical advice on which doors to walk through.

Colker has seen a lot of great reviews come in about his book. One of my favorite reviews comes from Miss Jena who says the following.

In this concise and to the point novella by Brandon Colker, he explains the many ways to make real, long term money utilizing the blogging platform. This is not the get rich quick and easy, rather the tried and true built up success. He covers very particular points, gives examples and points out potential pitfalls.

Another great review from

John Ross Jesensky links to a review from his WordPress blog too.

This book is now available on Audible (Narrated by Harry Roger Williams III, Kindle and in paperback as well.

John Ross Jesensky Profiled by the Huffington Post

John Ross Jesensky picture
John Ross Jesensky picture

Composer John Ross Jesensky’s Recent Interview with

Composer John Ross Jesensky was recently profiled in an interview by the Huffington Post. Jesensky has seen his work used in an increasing amount of movies and scores as seen by his IMDB profile.

From the HuffPo piece…

“I had known for a while that I wanted to play the piano just like Elton John or Billy Joel. When I finally convinced my parents to let me take lessons, I was thrilled! It was when I bought a cassette of the Jurassic Park soundtrack by John Williams that I instantly knew what I wanted to do with my life. Somehow, I was going to find a way to write music as gorgeous as what I was hearing on my Walkman!”

You know you’re a composer when you can name the composer on the Jurassic Park soundtrack! Also of note, Elton John and Billy Joel are pretty big shoes to fill!

Jesensky can be found many places online including his wordpress blog where he shares his thoughts, such as Music Has Power among others. John Ross Jesensky also has his professional site that he keeps updated with his latest work. Jesensky also maintains (albeit infrequently) a Twitter account showing various passions unrelated to just the piano and composition of music.