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Ralph Slaske is a professional blogger and author who has covered a wide variety of subjects throughout the course of his writing career. The diversity of his subject matter is the direct result of his willingness to conduct thorough and comprehensive research on any topic regardless of his level of familiarity, and it is this willingness that has helped Mr. Slaske expand his knowledge base to a significant degree. Ralph Slaske

New book from Ralph Slaske Builders.

New book from Ralph Slaske Builders.

prides himself on his ability to delve into a new subject until he is able to adopt an expert perspective, as this particular trait has allowed him to broaden his horizons while covering all kinds of interesting stories regardless of the overarching subject.

Mr. Slaske recently applied the diversity of his expertise with the publication of “Ralph Slaske’s Builder’s Guide to Making Money Online,” a book devoted to helping custom homebuilders create a supplementary source of income through a variety of passive income strategies. Drawing on his knowledge of online moneymaking strategies and his understanding of the custom homebuilding industry, Mr. Slaske was able to put together a comprehensive look at the many ways in which these industry professionals can generate income through online platforms.

With an interest and passion for writing that goes back to his days as an elementary school student, Mr. Slaske credits much of his success to the journalism program he became involved with during his high school years. An award-winning publication, Mr. Slaske was the first freshman to take the journalism course and remained in the program for each of his four years. Following a stint as the paper’s editor, Mr. Slaske continued to work as a freelance journalist throughout his college years and also founded his first blog during this time.

While his interests and professional pursuits have changed over the years, Mr. Slaske has always seen his passion for writing as a constant. Though he began with a primary interest in journalism, his work has expanded to include fiction as well, and a number of his short stories have been featured in several highly respected publications in recent years. Mr. Slaske is unsure where his writing will take him in the future, but he intends to continue to maintain this blog and has developed a keen interest in continuing to write books that seek to help others make the most out of their unique skills and expertise.