My Patriot Supply Review: Fruit Packs For Whole Nutrition

Recent catastrophic events, like Hurricane Harvey, have increased my passion about being prepared in the case of an emergency. I believe in the power of whole foods to deliver the nutrients that the human body needs, so I was very excited to find out that My Patriot Supply offers emergency preparedness food packs that are made with whole fruits and vegetables. The Fruit Case Pack Kit, in particular, is a favorite of mine. In this review I’ll tell you exactly what you get when you purchase the MPS Fruit Case Pack Kit, and I’ll explain why I think eating whole foods is better for the body than getting nutrients in vitamin form.

About The Product

The Fruit Case Pack Kit comes with 112 servings of freeze dried fruits, sealed into individual packets. Each packet contains blueberries, strawberries, or bananas. I was impressed with the choice of fruits, first of all, because I berries are known for being nutrient dense, and bananas are packed with potassium, which muscles need in order to work effectively. If you’ve ever suffered from a calf-cramp after running, you know what it feels like when your body is potassium deficient.

In the event of an emergency, I feel that I will likely be performing lots of physical activity. Natural disaster, which as I said have been on my mind recently, require that people dig, climb, escape, and in general move a great deal. The fruit choices in the MPS kit reflect my own personal goals of feeding my body the correct nutrients so that it is strong enough to keep up with intense physical demands.

Though I have left most of my fruit packs unopened, I did open one of each type of fruit so that I could sample what I would be eating when and if disaster strikes. The fruit is very rich in color, and is flavorful. I have put the berries on my morning cereal, and ate the banana’s plain. I was impressed by the quality. My Patriot Supply says that the fruit is non-GMO, and is sourced in the USA. The packets have a 25 year shelf life.

Why Whole Foods? 

Nutritionists have found that our bodies are designed to absorb nutrients in specific ways. I believe that when you eat a whole food, you get an entire package of nutrients that you body can work well with. The different nutrients in the food work together to help you body get what it needs from the molecules that make up the food. Fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. The body uses antioxidants to fight against free radicals. Vitamins help the body heal, and boost immunity. Fiber can help your body release any toxins that the antioxidants and vitamins have helped to release into the liver.

In the case of an emergency, I want to give my body the most help that I possibly can. Tools like the fruit pack could help someone ward off disease or illness, and eliminate toxins. It is important to think about what obstacles we may face in the future, though it can be unpleasant. All types of emergency situations come with the threat of exposure to hazardous materials, including possible infectious agents. I think that it is important to keep eating nutrient dense foods if I face an emergency scenario. I have always treated food as medicine, and in the case of an emergency, my outlook would not change.

I am very impressed with the MPS Fruit Case Pack Kit. I feel better knowing that I have added it to my emergency preparedness kit. I think that this is a great product for anyone who believes in the power of food to help the body survive, heal, and have energy in times of stress. This product could also work for someone who is interested in adding more whole foods to their diet, but has a hard time keeping fresh produce on hand.

How to Stay Focused in the Summer

Summer is usually a great time to spend time with your loved ones. You can go on adventures, host barbecues and enjoy pleasant trips. However, summer can be stressful for an entrepreneur. As a businessperson, you need to figure out how you’ll remain productive with the high temperatures and other things going on. Here are a few tips to help you stay focused in the summer.

Take your work outside

Nowadays, it’s easier to work from anywhere. With a portable computer and wireless internet, you can work outdoors. But you need to be careful about your paperwork. Use clipboards to prevent the wind from blowing away the papers. If you have a meeting with one of your clients, you should propose an outdoor location such as a restaurant with an open patio. Alternatively, you can hold your meetings at the park. This way, you’ll avoid the discomfort that comes with staying indoors when the temperatures are high.

Open windows

Sometimes, you can’t work outside due to the nature of your job. So, you may have to work inside an office or house. Open a window to allow fresh air to enter your workspace. A cool breeze will help you stay energized. Sunlight will also penetrate through the window, making you feel more alert and comfortable. Studies show that natural light influences the general disposition and moods of people.

Go out for lunch

It would be stressful to work and eat indoor during summer. Taking a walk at lunch will help you relieve stress as well as enjoy the weather. An hour or two outdoors can boost your energy levels. Scientists believe that walking outside in the summer weather influences the release of endorphins, which relieve stress and pain. You don’t have to walk alone. Invite your colleagues to take a walk with you during breaks. This will enable everyone in the workplace to focus on his or her work and feel revitalized.

Assign your duties to others

Some aspects of running business can be stressful during any time of the year. However, the summer weather conditions can make these activities more stressful. It’s advisable to hire professionals to help you out to avoid losing focus. Some of the tasks you can assign to other experts include public relations, which is essential to every business. To get the best PR services, always go for reputable professionals such as Martin J. Stallone. They know the best ways to build your brand image and boost your customer relationship.

Plan a vacation

Summer is one of the best times of the year to take some time off. It’s a perfect time to enjoy the weather without having to worry about work and other responsibilities. When planning a holiday, you don’t have to spend too much money. You can plan a trip to visit your family or pals. Taking time off will motivate you to work harder when you get back to work as you’ll feel more energetic.

These are just a few of the best ways to stay focused during summer. The main idea is to avoid stressing yourself too much. Summer should be a time to relax and have fun.

Luke Weil Reviews Steps for Building a Team of Social Entrepreneurs and Investors


luke weil investorsOne of the most interesting developments in investing and entrepreneurship that has taken place over the last few years surely has to be the rapidly increasing number of socially-conscious investors and entrepreneurs. While there has always been entrepreneurs working diligently to ensure their business endeavors also accomplished or contributed to some sort of social good, it seems that there is now an entire sector of investors and entrepreneurs whose sole focus is on generating a positive social impact while using the leverage they are able to wield through their business operations.

Luke Weil has been involved in a number of social entrepreneurial endeavors, including one in which his company is diligently working to preserve indigenous Amazonian medicines. In each one of his endeavors, Weil has found it incredibly valuable to assemble a team of like-minded individuals with the goal of ensuring the success and long-term viability of the project. This is of particular importance when one considers that the social good achieved through entrepreneurship may be viewed as unsustainable over the long term if the team is not able remain productive and on the same page throughout the entirety of the project.

In addition to these team-building principles, corporate philanthropic efforts should also be discussed and agreed upon during the course of assembling a team. This will allow team members to be fully invested in whatever model is ultimately selected, which will result in a greater likelihood of team members championing the model they adopt in the same way the Salesforce Foundation has championed the 1-1-1 model of philanthropy.

Michael Mally Gallery

Michael John Mally, a.k.a. Michael J. Mally is a San Diego artist who was kind enough to send over a few shots from his most recent photo shoot. A self-styled SD native, Michael Mally is a bit eccentric but you quickly grow to love his quirks. Namely, his is extremely aware of his surroundings. While we talked at a restaurant along a busy walking street, someone dropped their wallet and without missing a beat, he said, “Excuse me, you dropped something,” and continue his conversation with me!

Michael Mally is truly a class act and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Arturo Alvarez-Demalde

Arturo Alvarez-DemaldeArturo Alvarez-Demalde was recently interviewed by Mario at IdeaMensch. Arturo Alvarez-Demalde’s interview can be summed up by saying, if you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out!

Alvarez-Demalde begins by talking about his childhood. Where he is from, what he has been through and who he knows. After his childhood, he starts talking about one of his passions, fresh food. It might seem strange but Arturo loves fresh produce! Talking about his high bush blueberries is a mouth-watering treat. His newly planted vineyard of Thompson seedless grapes will surely set the table for the final course, a dozen hens laying fresh eggs daily.

Arturo Alvarez DemaldeWhen talking about these various enjoyable endeavors he repeats that these are not about money but about the enjoyment he gets walking in the cool of the vineyard, watching the chickens come running when he takes them food each day and picking fresh blueberries in the heat of the summer. He talks about freezing blueberries in a 0 degree freezer so he will have fresh-frozen blueberries all year that don’t have to be imported from another country.

Arturo Alvarez-Demalde is clearly a man who has many talents but also many passions. At his current company, a brand management company, he has helped not only place them on the map, but point them in the right direction. Without his leadership, the company might not be around today!

Arturo Alvarez-Demalde is also a Harvard Business School Alumni!

Marlon Kobacker Discusses How to Build on Current Progress in Sustainable Energy Industry

Marlon Kobacker 1836While there is good reason to feel that more progress could have been made had the warnings of the scientific community been heeded much earlier, it is nonetheless impressive to see the advancements that have been made as a result of innovative professionals like Marlon Kobacker, who have all worked so hard to develop new technologies aimed at enhancing sustainability while reducing carbon emissions. Rather than look back at the critical junctures in which even greater progress could have occurred with the appropriate action or level of investment, the only thing to do now is to continue to look forward in order to build on the progress that has already been made.

According to Kobacker, a great deal of that progress has been made as a result of the successful reduction or removal of the capital cost barrier to sustainable design implementation. While these cost barriers have been largely removed due to the increased focus on early involvement on the part of sustainability consultants, Kobacker believes that even greater progress can be made through increased educational efforts aimed at delineating the short- and long-term benefits of a focus on sustainable design right from the earliest stages of any project.

When those in charge of a project are able to recognize the short- and long-term value of the kind of sustainable design that goes beyond the minimum requirements set forth through legislation or building codes, it is far more likely that progress will be able to continue on at an exponential rate. This is especially the case if the full range of benefits can be thoroughly outlined, as there are many instances in which the economic benefits are so significant that there is no rational argument to be made against the comprehensive utilization and implementation of sustainable design.

The Groza Learning Center on the Importance of a Comprehensive Approach to Education

With so many varied influences on academic success, students enrolled in the same classes in the same educational setting can still have incredibly unique academic experiences. It is therefore important that students adopt a comprehensive approach to education that includes strategies that can be implemented both inside and outside of the classroom. According to Scott Groza of the Groza Learning Center, a comprehensive approach to education should at least begin with the development of practical and productive study habits, and students should consider the inclusion of tutoring, test preparation and peer study groups.

Practical Study Skills Must Be Taught

Even students who are already performing well academically can benefit from improved study habits, especially since there are a number of simple strategies that can be employed to enhance overall efficiency and productivity. For students who have fallen behind or who have been struggling in a specific subject area, the cause may very well be related to the manner in which they approach their studies. Since this is an area that can be very easily improved, students should strongly consider taking advantage of any opportunity to learn about the methods available for enhancing their study skills.

Tutoring, Test Prep and Peer Study Groups

When students are exposed to information in varied settings, they are far more likely to retain that information over a long period of time. Through the use of one-on-one tutoring and peer study groups, students encounter and process this information across several different circumstances, helping to improve their academic performance in both the short and long term. This is particularly beneficial when this information appears on end-of-year exams or standardized testing, so it is of particular importance for students to pursue a variety of strategies that contribute to a comprehensive educational approach.

Kimra Bettasso Interviewed by Inspirery

Kimra BettassoRenowned SEO expert Mike Munter recently interviewed Kimra Bettasso on his website Inspirery. In the interview Munter digs right in and asks the tough questions.

When asked about her success, Kimra Bettasso said,

I have always been committed to generating the best possible results for the clients I work with. I think the clients recognize that I am genuinely interested in securing their financial future, and this has helped to generate further interest in the services the company provides.
Interviews like this and others such as a recent interview by Sebastian Hirsch shows the true heart of Kimra and how she has a strong desire to help her clients.
Having a great set of interview questions is evident from both Munter and Hirsch as the both excel in their respective industries.
UPDATE: Here is a link to our first post about Kimra Bettasso on

John Ross Jesensky Profiled by the Huffington Post

John Ross Jesensky picture
John Ross Jesensky picture

Composer John Ross Jesensky’s Recent Interview with

Composer John Ross Jesensky was recently profiled in an interview by the Huffington Post. Jesensky has seen his work used in an increasing amount of movies and scores as seen by his IMDB profile.

From the HuffPo piece…

“I had known for a while that I wanted to play the piano just like Elton John or Billy Joel. When I finally convinced my parents to let me take lessons, I was thrilled! It was when I bought a cassette of the Jurassic Park soundtrack by John Williams that I instantly knew what I wanted to do with my life. Somehow, I was going to find a way to write music as gorgeous as what I was hearing on my Walkman!”

You know you’re a composer when you can name the composer on the Jurassic Park soundtrack! Also of note, Elton John and Billy Joel are pretty big shoes to fill!

Jesensky can be found many places online including his wordpress blog where he shares his thoughts, such as Music Has Power among others. John Ross Jesensky also has his professional site that he keeps updated with his latest work. Jesensky also maintains (albeit infrequently) a Twitter account showing various passions unrelated to just the piano and composition of music.